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The Bar Exam

The Committee on Bar Admissions administers a written examination, which consists of two parts: A nine-part written examination (Part I) and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (Part II). Part I is primarily essay and may include multiple-choice questions. The Committee has released sample multiple-choice questions. Part II, the MPRE, is administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Newly-Enacted Legislation:
It is the policy of the Committee that newly-enacted legislation-including amendments to existing federal and state statutes, and amendments, additions, and deletions affecting federal and state rules of procedure and evidence - will be tested six months after the effective date of the legislation, as opposed to the date of enactment.


Part I: Applicants who earn a total weighted score of at least 650 out of a possible 900 will pass.

The grading process is carried out by members of the Louisiana Bar who have been appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Strict examinee anonymity is maintained and several measures are taken to insure uniformity and fairness in the grading process.

The multi-part written examination consists of nine separate examinations. Examinations 1 - 5 are "Code" examinations; examinations 6 - 9 are "Non-Code" examinations. Each subject is worth 100 raw points. Code subjects carry twice the weight of Non-Code subjects. The five Code subjects are Code I, Code II, Code III, La. Code of Civil Procedure and Torts. The four Non-Code subjects are Business Entities and Negotiable Instruments, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure.

Try it out!: Input subject scores to see the calculated Part I exam score.

!- Note: Examinees must sit for all 9 tests to be eligible for grading of Part I of the Bar Exam.

CCI: /100
CCII: /100
CCIII: /100
LCCP: /100
Torts: /100
Bus Ent: /100
Const. Law: /100
Criminal: /100
Federal JP: /100

* Code Tests (Each Carries Twice the Weight of a Non-Code Test)

**Non-Code Tests

Calculate Exam Grade

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided simply for the convenience of users of this website. It is not intended to be, in any way, related to an eventual applicant's actual performance on Part I of the Louisiana Bar Exam.

Part II: An applicant must receive at least a scaled score of 80 or higher on the MPRE to have passed the MPRE.


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