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Bar Applications

Any person seeking admission to the Louisiana Bar shall apply to the Committee on Bar Admissions AND shall request that the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) prepare a character report.

Foreign Educated Lawyers

Foreign-trained lawyers who wish to apply to take the Louisiana Bar examination must apply in accordance with Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XVII, Sec 6.


  • Equivalency Application Packet ($250)

    If you attended law school out of the United States, please login to the LASCBA Account Portal to start an equivalency application. A bar exam application cannot be started until an equivalency determination has been made.

  • Other Documentation

    Along with the Equivalency form, Foreign-Trained Lawyers must also supply:

    • Current mailing address
    • Proof of citizenship or alien status
    • Proof of successful completion of 14 semester hours at an ABA accredited university in certain subjects
    • Certified transcripts of formal legal education (both foreign and US)
    • Documentation which provides a description of courses offered and requirements of the legal education programs attended by the applicant (both foreign and US)
    • Copy of original diplomas
    • Information about the Universities that provided the applicant’s recent legal training
    • Proof of admission, licensing and/or good standing in all legal, professional and/or bar associations
    • Professional resume
    • Two letters of recommendation: applicants must provide letters from two individuals who are licensed to practice in any jurisdiction in which the applicant is currently licensed to practice. Letters must be addressed to the committee.
    • Any other documentation the applicant believes will assist the Committee
    • All foreign documents must be translated to English.

    Submit paperwork to:

    The Committee on Bar Admissions
    2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 310
    Metairie, LA 70002

ADA Accommodations: Requests for accommodations under the ADA must be received on or before November 1 for the February bar exam or on or before February 1 for the July bar exam. Please click here for more info on ADA and/or courtesy accommodations.


  • Change in Time of One Test for the Nine on the Louisiana Bar Exam

    Please be advised that the Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence test is two hours long effective...Read More.

  • Attention February 2018 Applicants: Amendments to Supreme Court Rule XVII

    The Louisiana Supreme Court has amended Appendix A of Rule XVII. Please see...Read More.

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Keep your Contact Information Up-To-Date!

It is the applicant's responsibility to notify the Committee on Bar Admissions of any mailing address, telephone number or email address changes! This information can be updated online under the 'My Account' portal.