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Law Student Registration & Bar Application Quick Guide - a guide to forms, fees and deadlines.
Louisiana Bar Admissions Application Process - Information pertaining to the application process.
PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED FAQ PAGE! - Updated information with a new section on Character and Fitness screenings.

 July 2016 Bar Exam:

Exam Results: Results from the July 2016 Louisiana Bar Examination will be mailed to the address on file by October 6, 2016 and posted the following day after 9:00AM. Results will be posted at the Supreme Court of Louisiana’s web site, this web site and also on the walls of the Supreme Court.

Admit Ceremony: The Admission Ceremony for candidates who successfully completed the examination and have met all other requirements will be held on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans Theater located at 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA for 11:00 a.m. Fees for parking will be required.

 February 2017 Bar Exam:

The February 2017 Louisiana Bar Examination will be administered at the Pontchartrain Center located at 4545 Williams Blvd., Hall A, Kenner, LA 70065 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, February 20, 22, 24, 2017.

It is the applicant's responsibility to notify the Committee on Bar Admissions of any mailing address, telephone number or email address changes. Notification should be made via email message to or

Questions regarding application and testing matters should be directed to or

Questions regarding character and fitness matters should be directed to


 There have been recent changes to the character and fitness screening procedures relative to applicants with mental health disabilities. The Louisiana Supreme Court recently entered into a voluntary settlement agreement with the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice concerning new policies and procedures for the evaluation and processing of applicants with mental health disabilities. On February 1, 2014, the Supreme Court amended Rule XVII to ensure complete confidentiality of all bar admissions files. See La. Sup. Ct. Rule XVII, Sec. 1(G). The fact of, and underlying reasons for the Court’s grant of conditional admission, (including any medical or health related information associated with admission), are kept strictly confidential pursuant to the amended rule. The Court has also worked with the NCBE to modify Questions 25-27 which appear on the Character and Fitness application form that law student registrants and bar applicants are asked to complete. To view the settlement agreement, click here. For contact information for the Court’s Agreement Coordinator, click here.


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Law Student Registrant – Every prospective applicant for admission to the Louisiana Bar enrolled in law school in this state shall participate in the Law Student Registration Program in the fall of the second year of Law School and only then. Please note that you will be required to file a SUPPLEMENTAL Request for Character Report with the NCBE and a Bar Examination Application when you are ready to sit for the bar examination. Open through October 1 for 2nd Year Law students who anticipate graduating in May 2018 or December 2018.

Supplemental Law students who participated in the Law Student Registration Program and are planning to sit for the upcoming exam.

First Time Louisiana Applicant – Anticipated law school graduates who did not timely register in the Law Student Registration Program, recent law graduates, members of  another bar, or non-members whose NCBE Application for Character Report is received more than one year after juris doctor is awarded.

Reapplications Applicants who have previously applied to sit for the Louisiana Bar Examination. If your most recent NCBE Application for Character Report is less than two years old, complete the Bar Examination Application and Affadavit according to the instructions. All other re-applicants must submit an NCBE Application for Character Report.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) - Link to application and information.

Application for Equivalency DeterminationForeign trained lawyers who wish to apply to take the Louisiana Bar examination must apply in accordance with Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XVII, Sec 6.

ADA AccommodationsIf you are seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please complete these forms. All forms must be received on or before November 1st for the February bar exam, or on or before February 1st for the July exam in accordance with Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XVII, Sec 4(E). If you are seeking any other testing accommodations, Click Here.

In-House Counsel form download.



Attorney Registration

Pro Hac Vice Rules amended [read rules]

Five time limit suspended.Click here

Pursuant to La. Sup. Ct. Rule XVII, all bar admission matters are confidential. In order to maintain confidentiality, all pleadings filed with the Supreme Court must bear a file number generated by LASCBA. In the event you require a file number, please contact LASCBA.